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    With respect to influencing policy on recovery and (re)integration from child sexual exploitation, what would be the key issues to be highlighted and advanced in your region, in advocacy work with policy makers?

    So far in the context of Pakistan we have heard about two priority issues:

    1. Informing the Government about the critical need for recovery and reintegration services for children affected by CSE by demonstrating evidence base existing good practices
    2. Advocating for appropriate allocation of resources towards recovery and reintegration services, along with effective monitoring and evaluation mechanism for implementation of the services.
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    In Indian Context following advocacy pointers are important to be taken up:

    a) Understanding the need of male child victims of CSEC and re-structuring of recovery – reintegration aspect
    b) Advocacy to include context of CSEC as an integral part of the recovery and reintegration process and thus changing policies to include actions those facilitates stakeholder actions rather than only on the need of the victim/survivor
    c) Uniformity on the age of the child – this will help in recovery – reintegration process immensely
    d) Advocating to develop policies that hold private sector accountable and mandates adequate management of their supply chain – primary focus on garment, extraction, travel and tourism, entertainment industry….

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