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Contributed by a member of the RISE Community • August 26th, 2016

Analysing India’s Approach to the Rescue and Reintegration of the Children Trafficked for Labour Exploitation

This report provides a comprehensive and critical analysis of the Indian government’s efforts to rescue and reintegrate children trafficked for their labor. This report outlines several overarching challenges to the successful rescue and reintegration of children trafficked for labor: failure to provide adequate reintegration services; a focus on short term rescue from child labor in place of systemic child welfare approaches; organizational failures including lack of clear accountability, inter-agency coordination and training; poorly structured NGO government partnerships; insufficient human and financial resources; lack of centralized information systems; and weak policy frameworks. The report concludes by making several recommendations to address these gaps. Although this report is in the context of labour exploitation, yet it raises issues that are relevant in the context of reintegration of child sexual exploitation.

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