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Learning Project 2: Learning from survivors

Posted By: • October 14th, 2015

The topic for the second learning project is expected to be learning from survivors, and their role as peer supporters, experts and advocates in improving practice and policy. This will focus particularly on issues of shame, stigma, acceptance, and community integration – acknowledging rural / urban differences that affect both how help can be delivered, and what young people aspire to, in future work and relationships, and their role in society.

The impact of other significant differences in cultural, social and economic context will be gauged through widening the circle of survivors from whose experiences we can learn. This topic was primarily recommended, as a necessary and helpful way to proceed, as a result of the regional mapping exercise carried out in all the three project focus regions. This learning project will also focus on the distinctive voices and experiences of boys with respect to their recovery and (re)integration from sexual exploitation, alongside that of girls. The difference in the experience of boys and girls emerged as a significant issue, and a largely unexplored question, during the mapping exercise.

We would welcome ideas from you to see if this topic holds relevance in your work and context and if and how a learning on this topic could help improve work to support recovery and (re)integration of children affected by child sexual exploitation.

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