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National Policy for Children 2013

Posted By: • December 16th, 2015

In April 2013 the Union Cabinet approved the National Policy for Children to help in the implementation of programmes and schemes for children all over the country. The policy gives utmost priority to right to life, health and nutrition, development, education, protection and participation.

The Constitution of India guarantees Fundamental Rights to all children in the country and empowers the State to make special provisions for children. To affirm the Government’s commitment to the rights based approach in addressing the continuing and emerging challenges in the situation of children, the Government of India has hereby adopted this Resolution on the National Policy for Children, 2013. Through this policy the State is committed to take affirmative measures – legislative, policy or otherwise – to promote and safeguard the right of all children to live and grow with equity, dignity, security and freedom, to ensure that all children have equal opportunities; and that no custom, tradition, cultural or religious practice is allowed to violate or restrict or prevent children from enjoying their rights.

The State commits to taking special protection measures to secure the rights and entitlements of children in need of special protection, characterised by their specific social, economic and geo-political situations, including their need for rehabilitation and reintegration. The State shall also promote child friendly jurisprudence, enact progressive legislation, build a preventive and responsive child protection system and promote effective enforcement of punitive legislative and administrative measures against all forms of child abuse and neglect.

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