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Streets of Peshawar

Posted By: • March 9th, 2016

A Mapping of the Male Street Children in Peshawar

Children who live or spend most of their time on streets are exposed to different forms of abuse and exploitation. This is true for children in most societies and countries irrespective of their economic status. Pakistan is one of those countries in which a sizable number of children are visible on the streets in the form of groups. This visibility is even more pronounced in the major cities of Pakistan. The city of Peshawar is a prime example of such cities in Pakistan which have an extremely high number of children spending most of their day and night hours on streets. The presence of these children on the streets in Peshawar makes them vulnerable to abuse and exploitation in all its forms.

This mapping is done with the objective of understanding the dynamics of the different forms of abuse and exploitation, which sometimes can be obvious and sometimes can be hidden under a range of different factors that may look benign at a superficial level but have highly abusive content once the surface is scratched. This mapping has been done to document the different patterns of mobility of children from other cities to Peshawar. However, sometimes this mobility projects the dynamics of trafficking. In addition to this, the mapping documents the situation and vulnerabilities of children who find themselves in Peshawar with or without their families due to a politically volatile situation in the North West Frontier Province. These children are part of the larger internally displaced persons (IDPs) that are moving from warring/conflict zones to peaceful areas of the country.

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